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'Reading neglected writers so you don't have to' A Time Out column and a blog for books that seem to be undeservedly forgotten, from John Galsworthy to Rose Macaulay, from Amos Tutuola to DH Lawrence, from W. Somerset Maugham to Fanny Burney. What books do you think we should revive? If you love a writer who has lapsed in popularity please let me know! Are my choices controversial?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

forgotten classics: Cakes and Ale

from W. Somerset Maugham, Cakes and Ale (1930), probably subject of my first monthly Time Out column:

'I've been writing for thirty-five years now, and you can't think of how many geniuses I've seen acclaimed, enjoy their moment of glory and vanish into obscurity. I wonder what's happened to them. Are they dead, are they shut up in mad-houses, are they hidden in offices? I wonder if they furtively lend their books to the doctor and the maiden lady in some obscure village. I wonder if they are still great men in some Italian pension.'
'Oh, yes, they're the flash in the pans. I've known them.'
'You've even lectured about them.'


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